On line of code is Enough

With one line of code you can connect and execute query, delete, insert or update whether using Command Text or stored procedure, you can pass parameters and get data and converted to object Instead of Manually do the data mapping or get the data as data table or data set all tahe with just one line of code.

Dynimc Object

With Geniuses Code framework you don’t need to deal with data mapping manually the framework will do the job, even if the object related to an object GCF smart enough to understands that at the end you can get the related object properties with just “ .” or you can insert a new by just passing the object to GCF alone with insert statement or the stored procedures name and GCF will do all the data mapping for you.

All Data Base

Connect to most famous databases with same code, you don’t need to change anything even if are in the production just change the data base connection string and GCF will do the job for you, GCF support Oracle , SQL Server, DB2, MY SQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite

Auto Vlidation

You don’t need to use if to check the object properties just enable the auto validation Features and watch GCF do the check for you


Encrypt and Decrypt data directly from and to the database, just add a property AllowEcnryption in app.config or web.config file and set it to true, GCF will directly Encrypt and Decrypt everything , you don’t need to manually encrypt or decrypt anything but you can encrypt and decrypt a part or a field in a table from your database

Code Generator

Generate the Model and Controller with just one click with any data base, stop care about data typ , or data mapping and foc your task .

Logger monitoring

Watch the Error happened with user request log those error in Windows Event or a Text File but please stop Showing the error details to the user

Visual Studio Plugins

With Visual Studio Plugin you can generate the model and controller without leaving visual studio

Data Base Sync

Execute Non Query To multiple database at same time with just one line of code